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Dear Apple: I’d Get Really Excited If You Fixed this Mess

Today is Apple’s Yay! New Product Day! Meh. As a long-time fan of Apple, writing this on an Apple computer, I am strongly indifferent about today’s reveals. I was lukewarm last time too. Maybe I want an iPad Pro, maybe I’ll want a smaller […]

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ESA Picks Inmarsat to Develop New ATM Infrastructure in EU, Alitalia First Airline Partner

Through a joint initiative, Inmarsat and the European Space Agency (ESA) will optimise the airspace and airport capacity in Europe, reducing flight times, aircraft fuel burn, and associated CO2 emissions.

Dubbed the Iris Service Evolution program, Inmarsat will head a consortium of more than 30 companies across the aviation industry who will collaborate to develop a technical, commercial and operational roadmap for Europe’s long-term air traffic communications demand.

Alitalia is the official airline partner of the newly created Iris consortium.

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Thailand Must “Address Critical Safety” and “Shore-Up Competitiveness”, IATA Warns

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has urged the Thai government to address critical issues of safety, capacity and costs. “Aviation is critical to Thailand’s economic success. It is the backbone of the tourism industry and provides critical global business […]

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Alitalia Reports Laser Strike on Pontiff’s Plane

Alitalia has issued a statement of an incident of laser interference with flight crew on the aircraft carrying Pope Francis during his mission to Mexico.

Crew on flight AZ4000 reported on Friday 12 February, that during the landing phase of flight at Mexico City Airport, they were flashed by a laser light pointed at the aircraft. The Airbus A330 was transporting the Pontiff Havana to Mexico City.