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Cabin Hygiene

Recaro Promises Cleaner Airplane Cabins

  • 5 min read

You can now (sort of) relax over gross stories of airplane seat tray tables, and stop worrying (somewhat) about how many unwashed hands have touched that seat armrest you’re sharing on your flight.

Zodiac Sheds Good Light On Problematic Cabin Hygiene

  • 4 min read

Zodiac Aerospace has filed an ingenious patent for a comprehensive UV lighting system which would cleanse the whole of an aircraft cabin while the aircraft is unoccupied—between flights or on an overnight.

In the patent—one of AeroPatent’s recent discoveries—Zodiac proposes a number of UV lighting combinations which could do the work of thoroughly disinfecting the aircraft interior. The system described would effectively disinfect both the air in the cabin and cabin surfaces, textiles, etc.

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