Someone’s Created a ‘Crew Shame’ Twitter Feed Which Is–Well–a Terrible Idea

Probably the worst part of this account is that it’s so unnecessary–despite these facts crew already get “shamed” are already exposed online without their permission, get harassed every day. So..what..we need another push for this growing problem?

Air New Zealand Brings On “Board” Onboard In New Wicked Safety Video

Air New Zealand, which has long ruled the wave of infotainment In-Flight Cabin Safety Videos, takes to the waters again with a fresh combination of safety entertainment and destination marketing. Air New Zealand brought together surfing greats from around the world to produce its […]

What You Need To Know About the Risks Of Flying With Gadgets

As reported by Aircraft Interiors International Magazine, a fire in the overhead compartment onboard KLM flight KL875 on March 15, originating from the battery of a TV crew’s drone unit, raises questions once again of how aviation can manage a situation over which it has no control: the decision by electronics manufacturers to use volatile Lithium-Ion batteries in their equipment rather than safer, equally effective and inexpensive alternatives.

As IATA Publishes Lithium Battery Risk Mitigation Guidance for Airlines, We Share Authorities’ Guidance for Passengers

“It is estimated that each year, upwards of one billion lithium batteries are transported by air as mail, cargo or in passenger/crew baggage. This constitutes a safety hazard that must be managed in a clear and comprehensive manner.”

Latest Airbus Seat Design Development Is A Boon to Babes

Airbus has been to cornering the market on key patents for seat designs clearly intended to protect various special applications and technologies–raising the question of whether the aircraft manufacturer plans to spread its capacities (and its catalogues) to design and sales […]

Qatar Airways QR023: The Hoax Bomb Threat Documented Live on Social Media

A passenger aboard Qatar Airways QR023 today made a bomb threat which caused the flight to return to Manchester airport with fighter jet escort.  The event was documented live on Social Media by another passenger onboard, Josh Hartley.  One complaint was […]

United Goes Global with New Safety Video

The positive influence of creative airlines posting Safety-tainment videos online, like the prolific Air New Zealand, continues to inspire competition.  United is the latest to join the Safety Video race with a global tour of its popular destinations. Though they […]

Norway to Allow Armed Guards On Board Aircraft Bound for US and Israel

The Norwegian Airports company, Avinor, announced today that Norway will, for the first time, allow armed guards onboard flights destined to the US and Israel, and passengers’ concerns on the decision taken by the Ministry of Transport. “European countries allow […]

The Causes and High Costs of Unintended Emergency Slide Deployments

If you’ve never seen an aircraft slide except in pictures, it’s a good thing. They’re tucked away inside that bump on the door of the aircraft, and all you’re ever meant to see of them (if you’re looking) is the […]