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David Farrier

Skies No Longer “Internet Holiday,” Says Wi-Fi Addicted ‘Tickled’ Director

    Well, folks. Yes, the world is still a surreal political landscape and Spain is having its own elections, but I promised I’d get to the bottom of Burger and I have.

    I corresponded with David Farrier, the New Zealand-based investigative journalist and director the documentary film, ‘Tickled’, which exposes the dark side of internet male tickling videos. (I cannot explain the existence of these. You’ll have to see the documentary.)

    Burgers On A Plane: Why Wi-Fi Matters?

    A burger. A plane. A VIP seat. A fascinating documentary journalist with an out-of-date phone. Wi-Fi.

    This is this week’s top passenger experience story. Because I said so.

    Because people will pay for Wi-Fi. Just Because.