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East Midlands Airport Sees Bounce In Passengers With Half-Term Holiday

  • 3 min read

May’s half-term holiday confidently sets the stage for the main summer season at East Midlands Airport (EMA). With packed schedules already in place, the airport anticipates a robust performance throughout this summer. East Midlands Airport is preparing for a busy start to the holiday. On Friday, May 24, the peak… 

East Midlands Airport: A Pivotal Player in the Region’s Hydrogen Revolution

  • 3 min read

The hydrogen economy is gaining traction, and East Midlands Airport (EMA) is ready to embrace it. The airport is part of a ground-breaking partnership that aims to propel the East Midlands into a sustainable future powered by hydrogen. Dubbed “East Midlands Hydrogen,” the alliance is set to provide a new 100% hydrogen pipeline that promises to bring economic and environmental gains to the region.

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