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FAA Restores Mexico’s Category 1 Safety Rating

    In a significant development, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has reinstated Mexico’s aviation safety rating to Category 1. This pivotal move comes after over two years of rigorous collaboration between the civil aviation authorities of Mexico and the US.

    FAA trials multi-regional TBO: Advances in flight trajectories can cut aviation’s Carbon Footprint by 10%

      A new initiative successfully managed flights across countries by predicting aircraft trajectories. The Federal Aviation Administration’s live flight demo included situations and flights between the U.S., Japan, Singapore, and Thailand. Using Trajectory Based Operations (TBO), countries shared aircraft trajectories, and air traffic experts optimized flight paths considering factors like weather and airspace closures.

      New FAA SAFO Highlights Vulnerabilities in Lithium Battery Supply Chain

      The FAA has issued a new SAFO cautioning airlines to confirm Hazardous Materials compliance of lithium battery shipments.

      The SAFO specifically names Braille Battery, which manufactures lithium batteries which power racing cars.

      The FAA warns that Braille have failed to show proof of compliance to Hazardous Materials Regulations for air transport.

      FAA Will Talk Drones at SXSW

        The FAA has announced that FAA Administrator, Michael Huerta, will host a special session at SXSW leading a discussion on the future of small unmanned aircraft, more commonly known as drones, on Monday.

        FAA Issues Critical SAFO to Airlines on Lithium Batteries

        “FAA battery fire testing has highlighted the potential risk of a catastrophic aircraft loss due to damage resulting from a lithium battery fire or explosion. Current cargo fire suppression systems cannot effectively control a lithium battery fire. As a result of those tests, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus have advised airlines about the dangers associated with carrying lithium batteries as cargo and also have encouraged them to conduct safety risk assessments,” the agency states.

        300,000 Small Unmanned Aircraft Registered in First 30 Days, Says FAA

        The FAA reports nearly 300,000 new owners have registered their small unmanned aircraft since the Administration’s online registration system went live on December 21.

        “I am pleased the public responded to our call to register,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.  “The National Airspace System is a great resource and all users of it, including UAS users, are responsible for keeping it safe.”

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        Keep Your Drones Away from the Pontiff, Says FAA

          Going to see Pope Francis? Leave your Drone at Home, says the FAA

          “Flying a drone anywhere near the areas Pope Francis visits is against the law and violators could face stiff fines and criminal penalties,” FAA Administrator Michael Huerta.

          The FAA has issued a notice to all drone owners and operators to remind them of established drone bans at Washington, DC, and to extend the ban on New York and Philadelphia during the Pope’s U.S. tour.


          “The FAA has in place flight restrictions in and around Washington, DC (PDF), New York (PDF) and Philadelphia (PDF). Flying a drone anywhere during one of Pope Francis’ visits is against the law and may result in criminal or civil charges. All unmanned aircraft (UAS) – including radio-controlled model aircraft/UAS – are subject to FAA restrictions,” the agency states.

          Violators will not be pardoned with a Mea Culpa and ten Hail Marys.

          Featured Image, Wikimedia Commons: 

          2014 Pastoral Visit of Pope Francis to Korea

          Closing Mass for Asian Youth Day

          August 17, 2014

          Haemi Castle, Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

          Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
          Korean Culture and Information Service
          Official Photographer : Jeon Han

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          After Another Smartphone Fire Causes Flight Diversion, CASA Raises Concerns Over Lithium-Ion Once Again

          The risks of runaway Lithium-Ion batteries continue to plague aviation, prompting the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), Australia, to caution readers of its Flight Safety magazine on the proper handling of these electronics once again.

          The Flight Safety article specifically mentions a recent incident the flight diversion of a British Airways Boeing 787-800, operating flight BA18 from Seoul to London Heathrow, with 205 passengers onboard, which diverted to Irkutsk, Russia, after the battery of a passenger’s smartphone “suffered an obvious thermal runaway and emitted smoke,” according to a report by the Aviation Herald.

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          It’s Official: Drones Will Make Our Movies

          The Federal Aviation Administration granted regulatory exemptions to six aerial photo and video production companies, which is the first step required for the film and television industry to use unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the National Airspace