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A Turbulence-Free Ascent

  • 7 min read

It’s exactly one year to the day since I started sharing insights into all manner of things aviation and aerospace with you here on Flight Chic.  I’m honoured to say that, with your support, it’s been a smooth take-off. I’m far from reaching a comfortable cruising altitude.  There’s so for… 

Acro’s Ultralight Seats with New Tablet Table Could Hold and Charge Your Tablet Devices

  • 3 min read

Flight Chic can reveal that Acro’s ultralight aircraft seats, with new ‘tablet’ tables can also charge PED devices. Commercial Director, Cameron Allan, of Redhill, Surrey based Acro Aircraft Seating has confirmed to Flight Chic that the seats are fully ready to be wired for the power outlets needed to charge… 

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