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Danish Nordic Aviation Capital Places Farnborough Order for 75 More ATRs

  • 3 min read

Denmark-based lessor Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) signed a total order for 75 ATR 42-600 aircraft in a deal valued at over $1.55 billion US.  Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC), the largest regional aircraft trading and leasing company with the world’s biggest ATR fleet, has signed a total order for 75 ATR 42-600 aircraft,… 

DOT Defends Felix and Fido

  • 2 min read

The US Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx has announced a final rule which requires airlines to report incidents of the loss, injury or death of animals transported by air. Under the new rule, US carriers large enough to account for at least 1% of domestic scheduled passenger revenue, including… 

Hot Zealand Safety Video Released: The Beauty of Safety. Watch and Win!

  • 2 min read

The Air New Zealand Cabin Safety Video featuring hot Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models fastening their safety belts while supine on beach chairs is finally out.  I especially enjoyed the life jacket demonstration with the slow-motion head-toss.  If you read More than a Hobbit for Safety, then you already saw the… 

More than a Hobbit for Safety: Air New Zealand Reminds us how to don our Mae West

  • 1 min read

Count on David Flynn from Australian Business Traveller Magazine to bring us the hottest stories this winter (or more accurately summer); featuring an “inside look” at a sizzling new Safety Video from Air New Zealand.  Read his superb article for the all the scoop and a lovely collection of all… 

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