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PwC Study Finds Europe Has Lost 131,000 Jobs to ATC Strikes

Airline association A4E has released the results of a PwC study which reveals the long-term economic impact of ongoing Air Traffic Control (ATC) Strikes during its first “CEO Summit on Air Mobility and Prosperity” in Brussels this Tuesday. The study …

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Ryanair Warns Of ‘Brexit’ Impact to UK, Reports Strong Traffic and Profits

Ryanair warns a ‘Brexit’ could hurt the UK Economy, in its annual report published today which shows growth in traffic and passenger numbers.

Ryanair reported a rise in full year profit of 43% to €1,242M.

Traffic grew by 18% to 106 million passengers, and the airline’s load factor rose by 5% points to 93%.

The airline’s average fare dropped 1% to €46, and unit costs fell 6% (ex-fuel down 2%)

Ryanair reports it is 44% hedged for FY18 and that hedging will deliver fuel savings of circa €200m (as price savings are offset by increased flight hours).

“We plan to pass on most if not all of these fuel savings to our customers in lower air fares particularly as we grow capacity over the next 12 months in key markets around Europe,” Ryanair states.

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Ryanair Calls for Swift Action to Squelch Future Strikes by EU ATC Unions

Ryanair called on the French Government and European Commission to take swift action to prevent travel disruptions or holidays cancellations as a result of strikes by French Air Traffic Control unions scheduled from Monday, 25 January to Wednesday, 27 January.

The airline has since announced the cancellation of a large number of its flights on its website and on Social Media.