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Hazardous Materials Regulations

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Ban on Planes is Call to Action for Tech, or Should Be

  • 4 min read

News of the FAA’s ban on use of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on aircraft followed shortly after Australian carriers had implemented their own voluntary ban over concerns that some devices have spontaneously ignited.

But while the focus is on problems with the Galaxy Note 7 these incidents are symptomatic of a bigger issue: the inherent violent flammability of Lithium-Ion batteries with which have posed a threat to aviation for years.

FAA to Slap HazMat Fine on Amazon

  • 4 min read

FAA Proposes $78,000 Civil Penalty Against Amazon Fulfillment Services The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) accuses Amazon Fulfillment Services of North Las Vegas, NV., of violating USDOT Hazmat Regulations during a recent shipment of paint sent to one of their customers. If the proposed fine goes through, a… 

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