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Get Ready for Truly Global High-Speed In-Flight Wi-Fi

  • 3 min read

The test proved that the GX Aviation network can support multiple file transfers and video streaming–giving passengers the same Wi-Fi experience at 40,000 feet as they enjoy on the ground.

The success of this test brings us one step closer to enjoying next generation truly global high-speed in-flight connectivity, say the two companies.

Qatar May Be First Airline to Fly a Jet Like It’s an iPad: Touch Screen Makes Flying Intuitive, Increases Passenger Comfort

  • 7 min read

Honeywell Aerospace technology is at the core of Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation’s new G500 and G600 aircraft, unveiled today. And Qatar Airways has committed to buy up to 20 of the beauties. These aircraft will be the first to feature Honeywell’s new touchscreen technology in Gulfstream’s new SymmetryTM flight deck. As Honeywell explains,… 

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