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Icelandair Places First-Ever Airbus order of 13 A321XLRs

Icelandair Places First-Ever Airbus order of 13 A321XLRs

    The Keflavik-based airline has just inked a firm order for 13 state-of-the-art Airbus A321XLR (extra long-range) aircraft, marking its debut as an Airbus customer. The Icelandic flagship also has plans on the horizon to lease four A321LRs (long-range).

    Icelandair Wants Icelanders to Get Out and Find their City

      Iceland is doing a lot to promote as a destination, and both Icelandair and WOW Air offer nifty stop-over packages for those who would rather take a leisurely skip and hop accross the Atlantic, than one quick leap.

      But Icelandair is also promoting out-bound tourism, encouraging Icelanders to tap into their adventurous Nordic roots, get out, and explore the world.

      Surprise! It’s A 48-Hour Stopover–Courtesy Icelandair

      The land of ice and fire is eager to build up its tourism, and the national carrier, Icelandair, is eager to do its part. The latest promotion is a 48-hour surprise stopover with a chance to see the sites, accompanied by a your choice of tour guide. Kat, who was headed for Seattle, was the first passenger surprised with a couple of days of adventure before heading on to her final destination.