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A Chat with the Zagat of Airline Food

Nik Loukas is an inspiration for anyone who loves flying, and anyone who loves eating, and everyone who loves eating while flying.
In this interview with Flight Chic, Loukas shares the details of his work of love, a documentary of fine inflight dining entitled: The Inflight Food Trip – It’s Not Just Plane Food!

For those who are picky enough about their meal service to choose an airline based on menu quality, Loukas is the Zagat of the skies.

Aviation Industry Veteran Aims to Bring Essential Supplies to Refugees in Kos

Inflight caterer OnAir Dining, and FBO Operator XJet, both based at London Stansted Airport, have made donations and offered storage space to gather Halal ready-made meals, Children’s Fun Packs, and re-usable coffee cups.

Loukas hopes to get additional donations of pillows, blankets, water, snacks, kids packs, amenity kits, and similar items. He also needs a charitable airline to get behind the project and coordinate the return flight to Kos on 27 September.