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IN ATX new SUSTA.IN alliance.

IN ATX Announces New SUSTA.IN Alliance

  • 2 min read

IN Air Travel Experience (IN ATX), Antos Environmental, and 2030 Markets have forged a new sustainability alliance. The firms bring their combined expertise in resource recovery, circular economy, and energy transition to international aviation.

A Chat with the Zagat of Airline Food

  • 10 min read

Nik Loukas is an inspiration for anyone who loves flying, and anyone who loves eating, and everyone who loves eating while flying.
In this interview with Flight Chic, Loukas shares the details of his work of love, a documentary of fine inflight dining entitled: The Inflight Food Trip – It’s Not Just Plane Food!

For those who are picky enough about their meal service to choose an airline based on menu quality, Loukas is the Zagat of the skies.

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