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JetBlue Makes the Caribbean Even Fresher

JetBlue has announced that it will add its Mint cabin service to new Caribbean destinations.

Mint cabins offer private suites, a fully-­flat bed (JetBlue is the only U.S. airline offering lie-flat seating on its regular service to the Caribbean), and 15-­inch flat screen In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) screen with on-demand entertainment.

During the flight, Mint passengers are offered a signature cocktail, a tapas-­style menu, fresh espresso from an in-flight cappuccino machine, dessert from Blue Marble and Mah­ze­ Dahr Bakery. For personal comfort, the airline offers passengers Birchbox amenity kits.

JetBlue VC Backs Predictive Analytics Firm FLYR

JetBlue’s new Venture Capital firm JetBlue Technology Ventures has made its first pick of startups by backing FLYR, which uses machine learning and predictive analytics to predict airfares trends and air travel demand.

The start-up founded in 2013, helps flyers work around complex airline dynamic airfares models plotting possible changes in airfare and helping airlines predict customer demand and missed revenue streams.

Ready for Rudolf? JetBlue’s “Let’s Play Airport” is the Best of Reindeer Games

JetBlue has put together a very clever holiday-travel video which will help make air travel for the Christmas holiday less trying on everyone. There’s enough stress in the process without delays at the lines when passengers try to bring prohibited items onboard. But figuring out which items are cleared for take-off and which are on the no-fly list can be tricky because policies can vary by airline.

JetBlue’s “Let’s Play Airport” clears up this confusion, and is nicely infused with JetBlue’s signature humour.

Note that hoverboards are among the prohibited items, as shown in the video.

While many airlines have now banned these potentially dangerous Lithium-Ion battery charged devices, JetBlue is to be commended as one of the first to do so.

Not Quite #PizzaRat, but Close: JetBlue Gets New Yorkers to ‘Steal’ Posters for Goodies

How far will you go for freebies? Are you bold enough to rip a poster from a bus stand and walk away cool as a iced cucumber?  Evidently, New Yorkers are. According to AdWeek, some go-getters took jetBlue up on a #NYCTakeoff challenge and ripped off 181 bus shelter ads across the five boroughs.

Did they get fined for this pilfering? No! They were rewarded with a whole assortment of treats, including round-trip tickets onboard JetBlue’s fresh Mint cabin. Nice.

When the Pizza Rat thing happened, I asked whether any airline could possibly jump on that trend.

It’s not that JetBlue timed the promotion to coincide with this viral hit, but this rip-a-trip campaign sure fits the Pizza Rat never-miss-an-opportunity theme.

ICYMI (Where were you?!?)

Having to tote a super-sized JetBlue coupon around New York for treats is not quite the demonstration of perseverance of Pizza Rat–but it’s still pretty impressive.

New York: If you can take it there, you can get anywhere.