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79% Of US Travelers Aim For Meaningful Connections, KLM Survey Finds

  • 3 min read

KLM Launches Travel Well brand platform to promote meaningful travel. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is launching a new brand platform called “Travel Well“. The platform will promote meaningful travel amongst its annual 30.3 million passengers. The airline expects historic travel levels and rising costs this summer. The initiative highlights the… 

Inside Air France-KLM’s Fleet and Sustainability Strategy

  • 6 min read

Air France and KLM Invest Billions in Sustainable Aviation: Purchase 50 New Airbus A350 Aircraft and Back SAF Manufacturer Air France-KLM, one of the leading airline groups in the industry, is committed to sustainability. In addition to their investment in Scandinavian Airlines SAS, the aviation giant has set ambitious targets… 

The Story of KLM Miniature Delftware Houses—See the Latest

  • 6 min read

On 7 October 2023, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines celebrated its 104th anniversary by introducing a new addition to its collection of Delftware replicas. This time, they unveiled a miniature representation of the Valkenburg aan de Geul, the oldest station building in the Netherlands. Thus, it has a dual significance, marking Dutch history and reflecting KLM’s commitment to sustainable, air-rail intermodal travel.

Flying Green: KLM Turns to Honeywell Tech to Curb Fuel Spending

  • 3 min read

KLM plans to its annual fuel costs by 5 percent for its airline and cargo operations with Honeywell’s GoDirect Fuel Efficiency Software. The airline will install the Paris Agreement-compliant Honeywell software across all divisions to reduce fuel use and cut its carbon footprint. The installation follows positive results from KLM… 

KLM’s New Entertainment App Offers News-On-the-Go

  • 2 min read

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has launched a new KLM Media App which offers passenger access to a broad range of international newspapers on their smartphone or tablet.

It’s all the news you want on-the-go, without papers weighing you down.

Can We Talk About How KLM Rocks Digital?

  • 8 min read

Many airlines are improving their digital touch points to enhance the customer experience and simplify the journey, coming up with new and clever ways to entice, connect, engage with, and assist their customers.

But I’d like to make special mention of KLM as a case study of excellence.

Many of KLM’s current digital developments have been reported on here and elsewhere, but it’s easy to miss the big picture of what they’re doing—especially with an airline doing as much as KLM has done.

To review that Big Picture, here’s a review of KLM’s digital journey, point-to-point.

KLM Proves You Don’t Have to Be in Iceland to Promote Local

  • 4 min read

The idea is to help passengers whose lay-overs exceed six hours to get out and about for a bit of fresh air and local flavour with people of common interests.

To manage the program—without delayed flights waiting for lost explorers—KLM has introduced a dedicated Layover with a Local app which will match passengers with local guides who register with KLM to participate. Guides are picked based on language skills and common social interests.

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