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Korean Air Maintenance and Ground Crew Get New Eco-Friendly Uniforms

  • 2 min read

Korean Air has launched new uniforms that focus on safety, comfort, and the environment. From April 1, employees in maintenance, aerospace, cargo, and ground services will start wearing the updated attire. These designs respond to the specific needs of the staff. Enhanced Safety Features Safety stands at the forefront of… 

Korean Air’s New Safety Video Stars Virtual Flight Attendants

Korean Air has unveiled a groundbreaking inflight safety video featuring virtual human flight attendants. This innovative concept aims to connect with their diverse customer base and enhance passenger engagement. The video showcases Rina, a virtual human flight attendant, and the virtual girl group MAVE. They provide safety instructions in a… 

Korean Air Full Transition to Electronic Airway Bill by 2024

  • 2 min read

n a significant move towards sustainability and enhanced services, Korean Air announced its upcoming transition to a fully digital documentation system for air cargo: the electronic airwaybill (e-AWB). This digital transition will initially cover documents for general cargo departing from Korea headed for major markets, including North America, Europe, and Japan.

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