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More Airline Food You’ll Want to Make at Home

  • 3 min read

Readers will recall that Hawaiian Airlines’ cooking show offers great quick recipes, and cooking tips from local chefs, for when you’d rather be at the beach. But if you’re dreaming of Napoli, hungry for risotto, and have always wanted to make the perfect Cannolo, the Alitalia food channel has you covered.

Limited Edition Melbourne Scarf Unveiled as Qantas’ Smart Lifestyle Brand Evolves

  • 3 min read

No doubt, Qantas has style.

Its ongoing relationship with designers prove that. Marc Newson has put his mark on the airline’s sleek aircraft interiors and modern, comfortable lounges; Martin Grant has designed Qanta’s crew uniforms, and Kate Spade has left her mark on the airline’s in-flight amenity kits.

All of this establishes Qantas as fashionable, and now the airline is refining its brand vogue further, as a lifestyle brand, through a collaboration with international supermodel Jessica Hart as the airline’s exclusive Trend Consultant.

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