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United Airlines EPS Module

United’s Battery Investment to Improve Aviation Sustainability

    United has announced an investment in Electric Power Systems, a company producing battery technology that could benefit a wide range of aerospace usages. This marks United’s second investment in electric battery technology, the first being sodium-ion battery-maker Natron.

    New FAA SAFO Highlights Vulnerabilities in Lithium Battery Supply Chain

    The FAA has issued a new SAFO cautioning airlines to confirm Hazardous Materials compliance of lithium battery shipments.

    The SAFO specifically names Braille Battery, which manufactures lithium batteries which power racing cars.

    The FAA warns that Braille have failed to show proof of compliance to Hazardous Materials Regulations for air transport.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Ban on Planes is Call to Action for Tech, or Should Be

    News of the FAA’s ban on use of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on aircraft followed shortly after Australian carriers had implemented their own voluntary ban over concerns that some devices have spontaneously ignited.

    But while the focus is on problems with the Galaxy Note 7 these incidents are symptomatic of a bigger issue: the inherent violent flammability of Lithium-Ion batteries with which have posed a threat to aviation for years.