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NTSB Finds Crash of Asiana Airlines 991 Calls for More Stringent Controls on Lithium Batteries

  • 5 min read

Shortly after a new SAFO issued by the FAA on the carriage of Lithium batteries, the NTSB calls for stringent regulations of Lithium Ion battery carriage in cargo. The call for greater controls on lithium-ion batteries results from its investigation into the crash of Asiana Airlines 991 on July 2011. The two… 

NTSB Will Go to Brazil to Investigate Crash of Presidential Candidate’s Cessna

  • 1 min read

The NTSB has just announced that it will send investigators to support the investigation of the crash which killed Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos on Wednesday in Santos, Brazil, when a Cessna 560XL Plus on which the candidate travelled came down on approach to Santos Airport. The NTSB indicates that the investigation… 

NTSB Issues Wake-Up Call on Lithium-Ion Battery Testing. Will the Industry Press the Snooze Button?

  • 17 min read

This March, I posted an update on the FAA’s all-clear for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner after its issues with lithium-ion batteries. In that post, I pointed out that Boeing seems to have done some clever manoeuvring to get the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to declare that they (the FAA) were responsible for inadequate oversight.… 

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