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Discover Airlines Reveals Enhanced Premium Economy: Inside the Plane

  • 8 min read

Enjoy a More Luxurious Journey: Premium Economy Enhancements by Discover Airlines Discover Airlines, a member of the Lufthansa Group, is transforming air travel with significant upgrades in their Premium Economy Class, specifically tailored for long-haul flights. A Taste of Elegance at 30,000 Feet Forgoing the typical airline materials, Discover Airlines… 

Qantas Reveals Dreamy New Premium Economy Class

  • 5 min read

Qantas has revealed its next generation Premium Economy seat, a custom-designed Thompson Aero Seating model, which will debut on the airline’s fleet of Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.

Delta Finally Reveals Premium Economy Cabin

  • 2 min read

Delta Air Lines has revealed its new Premium Economy cabin, designed to harmonise with its Economy and Economy+ Product, as well as the new Delta Business Class suites.

American Airlines Does Premium Economy Like They Mean It

  • 3 min read

Imagine a Bond villain stroking a soft white cat. Listen to the maniacal laughter. Something like, “Mmmguaaaahaahaahaaa.”

That’s me after the reveal of American Airlines’ new and dazzling Premium Economy product which will launch on the airline’s Dreamliner 787 aircraft in 2016, and will be introduced into other aircraft in the fleet at a later date.

Who said there’s no room for a true quality Premium Economy in the U.S. Market? Certainly not American Airlines.

Michael Sasso does a great write up of the details, which I’ve included in the link, and I’m in Geneva currently working on IATA news, so I’ll keep this brief.


(click to enlarge)

Airlines: Don’t Hazard Brand Survival by Betting on Sow’s Ear Cabin Divides

  • 16 min read

There is an urgent need in the industry for airlines to reconsider their cabin strategy, beyond antiquated class divides and to offer a truly differentiated product, tailored to the needs of modern passengers, according to their traveler profile and preferred in-flight activities.

This special-insights report covers the why, how, when, and for whom of one facet of this differentiation: the true Premium Economy product.

It will take about 15 minutes of your life to read it, but I tried to make it well worth your time. 

A Well-Timed Stitch Reveals the Quality of Singapore Airlines’ New Premium Economy

  • 7 min read

Singapore Airlines’ new Premium Economy cabin, revealed last week, has many attractive features to offer customers, both in the hard product and in its soft offerings and the quality of this product is best reflected in the skilled timing of its stitches.

Version 2
Singapore Airlines new Premium Economy/FCMedia

 Having seen the seats when they were revealed by Singapore Airlines I can say that, from an aircraft interiors design perspective, the perfection of details–even down to the accuracy and measure of the stitching pattern that decorates the new seats–best reflects the quality and longevity of Singapore Airlines’ newest product.

IMG_3312 (1) SIA Stiching Front
Singapore Airlines new Premium Economy/FCMedia

In collaboration with its design firm JPA Design, London, Singapore Airlines customised the same ZIM Flugsitz seat that Lufthansa selected for its new Premium Economy cabin. But the designer and the airline have proven that by adding custom fittings, elegant trim and master tailoring one can clearly differentiate a baseline seat structure.

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