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Qantas Group Profit Drops 13% In H1 FY24

  • 11 min read

Qantas Group has published its HQ FY24 results, showing a 13% drop in profits partially offset by frequent flyer flights. The airline also revealed the interiors of its QantasLink A220 cabins and announced the introduction of in-flight Wi-Fi on international flights supported by Viasat satellite connections. Qantas also reported delays… 

Qantas Cancels Planned Acquisition of Alliance Charter Services

  • 6 min read

Qantas and Alliance Aviation Services have terminated their acquisition agreement, signed in May 2022. Australia’s competition regulator, ACCC, formally opposed the deal in April of this year. ACCC Objects to Qantas Acquisition of Alliance Qantas and Alliance are key suppliers of air transport services to mining and resource companies who… 

Qantas Group Posts First Full Year Profit Since COVID: $2.47b

  • 11 min read

Jump to Just the Facts The Qantas Group Records First Full Year Statutory Profit Since FY19  In a notable turn of events, the Qantas Group has registered its first full-year statutory profit since FY19. This newfound profitability has prompted plans for employee rewards, customer-centric reinvestments, and shareholder capital returns.  Significant… 

Airbus 12, Boeing 12: Qantas Orders Aircraft for International Fleet

  • 8 min read

In a significant move to modernize its international fleet, Qantas has placed a firm order for 12 Airbus A350 and 12 Boeing 787 aircraft. This strategic decision replaces the current A330 and A380 fleets over the next decade and includes purchase-right options to facilitate future growth and fleet renewal. 

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