They’re baaa-aaack! As the Forward/Aft Facing Triple Seats Come Back to Haunt Us We Ask: Good Heavens Why?

Retro can be chic.  Far be it from this writer to claim otherwise. But Zodiac Aerospace premiering a Forward/Aft Facing Triple Seat Pair as one of their “revolutionary” designs at the Aircraft Interiors Expo this year, feels like the Haunting. […]

FAA revises PED Aid to Operators InFO

The FAA has updated InFO 13010SUP its guidance document for operators, which outlines the issues which should be addressed when implementing passenger supplied electronic devices (PEDs) policies for the various phases of flight, adding Appendix C, specific to Securing and […]

The Unruly Passenger Crisis: In the Cabin, Cool Heads Must Prevail

A disruptive passenger is defined as “a passenger who fails to respect the rules of conduct at an airport or on board an aircraft or [fails] to follow the instructions of the airport staff or crew members and thereby disturbs […]

IATA Emphasises Seat Belts and Self-Preservation for Crew During Turbulence

In their Guidance for Turbulence Management report IATA emphasise the importance of seat-belt use by passengers, as well as an effective seat-belt protocol for airlines.  Industry experts and regulators around the world agree that ensuring seat belts are fastened at […]

Will PAX Pay for Comfort or Should Comfort be Free?

Airbus recently informed the industry that Asian passengers value comfort. While that might be true, it did raise the question: Doesn’t everybody? Yes.  And, clearly no.  If everyone did, and the revenue dollars were there, airlines around the world would […]

Profits Ain’t Peanuts (Part Three: Take a Byte)

In this third instalment of Profits Ain’t Peanuts we discuss the use of PEDs on board aircraft, inflight connectivity services, and IFE. In today’s world data is vital and content is king.  Communications have changed significantly over the past decade with […]

Nano-Nano: The future of aviation is small. Tiny even.

This post is not about aliens from Ork, but it is about other seemingly alien things. Nano Technology may seem alien now, but hopefully we will all soon take it for granted. A Tweet from the most excellent @airchive […]