These 5 Airlines Had the Most Innovative Ancillary Strategies This Year, Says IdeaWorks

The consultancy recognises airlines which ”have shown the greatest prowess in ancillary revenue, a la carte pricing, and loyalty marketing” during 2016.

As the Pieces Come Together, NAI and Ryanair Become World’s Most Powerful Long-Haul LCC Combo

In case you missed the implications of NAI’s approval, or wondered why opponents made such a fuss over something which was already happening (Norwegian adding new routes to the U.S.), the stars have now aligned for the long-awaited partnership between two Irish airlines which will rock the transatlantic market.

Ryanair Gets Spooky for Samhain..and It’s Grand

Ryanair releases two Halloween-themed introductions to two of the grandest Samhain destinations on the planet: Dublin and Transylvania.

IATA Warns Against Protectionism as Air Travel Demand Increases, I Warn Against Egos


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is warning against protectionist tactics as demand for air travel increases over the next two decades.

EXCLUSIVE: Ryanair’s CMO Explains Why the Airline Will NOT Buy Long-Range 737 MAX

Any thoughts that Ryanair might take advantage of the new 737 MAX Long Range to cross the Atlantic were dispelled last Thursday in Copenhagen when, speaking to Flight Chic, the airline’s CMO Kenny Jacobs said without hesitation that the airline would not consider buying any.

Ryanair Cites SITA to Prove It’s Comfortable Carrying Baggage

Ryanair is touting its strong baggage handling performance, compared to competitors in Europe and around the world, by citing figures from SITA’s Baggage Handling report published earlier this year.

Brexit: Ryanair’s Not Sour but Refreshing

Ryanair, which had ardently argued in favour of the UK to remain in the European Union has taken a refreshing approach to defeat.

In essence, the airline’s approach has been: ‘When the UK gives you lemons, pull your juicer out of the bottom shelf and set up a tempting lemonade stand.’

Ryanair Revamps Fares With More For Business and Pleasure for Leisure

Ryanair continues its strong push for service improvements during year 3 of its Always Getting Better (AGB) program, introducing a new Leisure Plus fare and adding new features to the airline’s Business Plus fares.

Lufthansa 360º Fanhansa Adventure & Kicker from Ryanair

Lufthansa continues its Euro 2016 Fanhansa series with a 360º Summer Football adventure in its latest storytelling video–best appreciated with a Google cardboard viewer or on a Google Chrome browser.