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Korean Air’s New Safety Video Stars Virtual Flight Attendants

Korean Air has unveiled a groundbreaking inflight safety video featuring virtual human flight attendants. This innovative concept aims to connect with their diverse customer base and enhance passenger engagement. The video showcases Rina, a virtual human flight attendant, and the virtual girl group MAVE. They provide safety instructions in a… 

The New Delta Safety Video Game Defies Description

  • 1 min read

Delta has had a lot of fun with Safety Videos, stretching the limits betwen what might be an engaging way to get passengers to pay attention onboard and a great way to go viral online. But its latest run really has me stumped.

Internet Killed the Safety Video Star..or Did It?

  • 3 min read

Years from now, anthropologists will debate the exact moment that the genre of the entertainment safety video crossed over from the sublime to the ridiculous. To save them time, I’m positing that the meme finally killed it off, and it was the incredible success of Delta’s Internetest Safety Video on the Internet that done it in.

How can over 9 Million views on YouTube be a bad thing, you ask? 

UPDATE Delta has taken its most popular safety video of all time private. A story in itself, which I am investigating with the airline. However, the internet never forgets so for the purpose of posterity, here is the original.

Learn to Speak Hawaiian with Airline’s Latest Safety Video

  • 2 min read

Hawaiian Airlines has produced a beautiful destination safety video that will get you dreaming of warm days on the beach and cool treks through verdant mountains. As an added twist, the video comes with subtitles in Hawaiian, so you can catch up on the lingo before you land.

If anything, that should get passengers to pay close attention, but the locations are gorgeous! Hawaiian made this a true ‘ohana project by featuring cabin crew and their family in the video demonstrating the safety instructions while enjoying fun outdoor activities.

Super Safety: Pegasus Reveals Marvel-ous New Safety Video

  • 3 min read

Pegasus Airlines, Turkey, has partnered with Disney Turkey to produce a new safety video featuring iconic Marvel characters which appeals to kids and adults alike. The video features best-known characters from the Marvel Universe, including Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man, Loki, Hawkeye and Odin. Pegasus says the core message of the video is: ‘Even… 

UP’s Safety Video Proves they are Totally Ready for Eurovision 2014. Denmark says: Cool. Bring it On.

  • 2 min read

First, my deepest thanks to Nikos Loukas of Inflightfeed for sharing this link via his Rebel Mouse Newsfeed, which is always fresh and tasty.  Nikos you have totally made my Friday! This latest Safety Video, from EL AL’s Low-Cost Carrier UP, is now a candidate for the 2014 Cassies (Flight… 

FAA revises PED Aid to Operators InFO

  • 5 min read

The FAA has updated InFO 13010SUP its guidance document for operators, which outlines the issues which should be addressed when implementing passenger supplied electronic devices (PEDs) policies for the various phases of flight, adding Appendix C, specific to Securing and Stowing of Passenger PEDs. This revised InFO 13010SUP is supplemental… 

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