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SAS Celebrates 70 Years in the Skies

SAS is celebrating its 70th anniversary. The airline began operations as a group on August 1, 1946 following the merger of the Norwegian, Danish and Swedish international airline operations.

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SAS Swedish Pilots Strike Ends, Costs Undetermined

SAS announced late Tuesday that an agreement was reached with Swedish pilots union SPF putting an end to the strike which had been ongoing since last Friday.

The airline has not specified the terms of the agreement reached which finally led to the conclusion of the labour conflict, but it is retroactive to April 2016 and will be valid for one year. Having already reached agreement with Norwegian pilots, all the airline’s negotiations with pilots unions are concluded.

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Yay! You Can Soon Bid to Upgrade Your SAS Flight

SAS is making it easier for customers to fly Business by offering a chance to bid on a flight upgrade.

Customers set the value of their bid for flights to Asia, U.S., Europe, and within the Nordic region, and compete against fellow passengers for the upgrade slot. Winners can even pay for their upgrade on domestic and European flights with EuroBonus points.