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Schengen Zone

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Schengen Must Remain in Tact, European Airports Tell EU Commission

“For Europe’s airports, the removal of internal air border controls between the 26 Schengen States has played an essential role in the availability of efficient and affordable air services for European citizens,” the airport association states.
“It has allowed intra-European air transport to become a commodity, as evidenced by the continued growth of air traffic. While just over 600 million passengers used Europe’s airports in 1990, an estimated 1,95 billion did so last year—with over 60% (1,2 billion) of them using one of the 443 airports located within the Schengen area.”

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Schengen Free Transit Policy Meets Its End in Border of Denmark and Sweden

Any travellers who want to travel from the Copenhagen city centre to Sweden, will have to take public transport to the airport, then change to a train crossing the bridge. Danish rail operator DSB, will check traveller IDs at the airport.

To ensure no one crosses the railroad tracks to circumvent border controls, Copenhagen Kastrup airport has built a fence at this connection point.