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Passengers’ Top Questions On Sustainability: SITA Reports

  • 3 min read

Aviation technology leader SITA has published its Passenger Insights Report 2023. It shows the results of a comprehensive passenger survey conducted at the beginning of the year. The insights from this survey suggest key focus areas for passenger experience investment for airlines and airports. This series’ fourth and final article… 

Get Ready for the Rise of Intermodal Travel, SITA Reports

  • 3 min read

Get ready for the rise of intermodal travel! In this third article in our series exploring the results of SITA’s comprehensive passenger survey, we delve into this trend and learn about passenger expectations for intermodal journeys.

The Emotional Journey: SITA Reports How Passengers Feel When They Fly

  • 7 min read

In this series, we dive into the results of SITA’s comprehensive passenger survey and explore the key trends shaping the future of air travel. This second article in the series looks into passenger sentiment throughout the journey. What elements of air travel make passengers most anxious?

SITA Baggage Report shows spike in mishandled bags as the airline industry recovers from COVID-19.

Baggage Mishandling Surges Post-Pandemic: Insights from SITA Baggage Report

  • 7 min read

As the global travel industry sees a remarkable recovery post-pandemic, a concerning trend has emerged — a significant spike in baggage mishandling. The latest SITA Baggage IT Insights report illuminates the increase, revealing that mishandled baggage rates surged by 74.7% in 2022, reaching 7.6 bags per thousand passengers.

SITA Invests in Dynamic Mapping Start-Up

  • 2 min read

SITA has invested in Dynamic Mapping start-up LocusLabs to help fuel developments of new geo-location technology for use by airports and airlines.

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