Miami International Airport Adds Mobile Passport Control to App

Miami International Airport (MIA) has added Mobile Passport Control into its own airport app experience. It is the first airport in the world to introduce this fast entry process, developed by air transport IT provider SITA and certified by US […]

Top Technology Trends to Track from SITA ATIS

SITA’s Air Transport IT Summit (ATIS) featured futuristic plans for robotic kiosks, and mixed reality airport, as well as more immediate solutions to improve air travel. From booking extras on-the-go to keeping planes healthy, here are some of the most […]

SITA Invests in Dynamic Mapping Start-Up

SITA has invested in Dynamic Mapping start-up LocusLabs to help fuel developments of new geo-location technology for use by airports and airlines.

Inmarsat and ESA Mark Critical Milestone in ATM Modernisation Program

Inmarsat and the European Space Agency have completed the first test flights for a project which will modernise Europe’s air traffic management infrastructure to make flights better for passengers and the planet.

LCC Air Seoul Launches with SITA’S Horizon Passenger Management Solution

Air Seoul, the new South Korean low-cost carrier based at Seoul Incheon International Airport, has launched its operations using SITA’s Horizon Passenger Management and Distribution systems.

Adelaide Airport Will Install New SITA Self-Service Check In and Bag Drop Kiosks

Adelaide Airport, Australia’s fastest-growing international airport, will install 14 new self-service bag drop and 32 new check in kiosks from SITA to streamline the journey for the airport’s eight million passengers.

JetBlue Goes Large on Self-Service Technology with 100s of SITA Kiosks in +50 Locations in the US and Caribbean

Under a three-year agreement, JetBlue has selected global IT provider SITA to support 531 check-in and automated passport control (APC) self-service kiosks across 56 locations in the USA and Caribbean. SITA will provide 24/7 remote and on-site service.

Ryanair Cites SITA to Prove It’s Comfortable Carrying Baggage

Ryanair is touting its strong baggage handling performance, compared to competitors in Europe and around the world, by citing figures from SITA’s Baggage Handling report published earlier this year.

What Kind of Traveller Are You Really? Take the SITA Quiz

SITA Passenger Survey, man using smartphone on Airplane. Source: SITA, Getty Images.

Travellers don’t like dealing with people. That’s the conclusion of SITA’s latest Passenger Survey revealed during the Air Transport IT Summit this year.

Instead, most travellers are happiest using technology, but how passengers respond to the various self-service travel services available depends on the individual passenger type. SITA has put its Passenger Quiz on-line. Take it and find out what category you fall under.