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What Do Bagels and Marilyn Monroe Have In Common? Aer Lingus. (I know!)

Aer Lingus has taken a novel approach to promoting its UK to US service (via Dublin) with a special event in Manchester featuring American classics: Marilyn Monroe and Bagels.

Turkish Airlines Debuts World’s First Live Broadcasted Flight

Turkish Airlines proves its Social Media genius again by becoming, not only the first airline, but the first brand to hold a live Periscope broadcast event. It features cabin crew adventures, in flight and on the ground, and earned the airline 5,118 new followers and 292,779 total likes.

Not a bad way to take-off on the platform.

Flight Chic is on Periscope (@designerjet) too. You may have missed the tour of the SITA Air Transport Information Summit ATIS2105 (my first broadcast). I can’t boast anything near Turkish Airlines’ numbers, but I have more special broadcasts planned this year. Keep an eye out for those!