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Gotta LUV It! Southwest Airlines Upgrades Cabins and Uniforms

  • 10 min read

Southwest Airlines Upgrades Planes for Enhanced Comfort and Style Southwest Airlines is redefining flight comfort by refreshing the interiors of its planes, including new, ergonomically designed RECARO seats and a stylish uniform refresh for the crew. Known for its friendly service and value, Southwest is stepping up its game with… 

United Maui Support

Airlines Step Up to Aid Maui Victims

  • 8 min read

The aviation industry can always be counted on to aid in evacuations and ship critical relief supplies in times of trouble.

Baby Born On SWA Flight Reminds Us How Vital Crew Really Are

  • 2 min read

In my latest feature on Skift,‘Why Disrespecting Flight Attendants Is Totally Nuts’, I shared insights from seasoned flight attendants on the long-standing misconceptions of their roles and duties onboard, with an emphasis on the vital role that airline crew play in our well-being and safety. We’ll, you can’t get much… 

How Southwest Airlines Works to Take Its Passengers to Even Better Destinations

  • 4 min read

Airlines serve many destinations, but Southwest Airlines is working to make sure the destinations it serves are better places for their passengers to visit.   Working with Project for Public Spaces(PPS), the airline has already helped improve a number of venues, since its Placemaking Heart of the Community initiative began… 

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