Southwest Adds Panasonic Global Connectivity Services, Extends GEE Wi-Fi Contract

Southwest Airlines has announced dual-sourcing of its onboard connectivity and entertainment, as new aircraft enter the fleet and aircraft without Wi-Fi are retired.

I ❤️???????? SWA: Southwest Reveals New LUV-able ‘Software’

Southwest Airlines has revealed new crew uniforms and new cabin interiors for the 737-800 as part of its updated Heart brand. The airline first introduced its bold brand refresh with the unveiling of a new logo, aircraft livery and airport […]

Southwest Airlines Reaches Agreement With FAA To Dodge Grounding of 128 of its 737-700 Aircraft

After admitting that it missed inspections of its hydraulic systems, SWA confirms to Flight Chic that it reached an agreement with the FAA to avoid a grounding of 128 of its 737-700 aircraft, which represents nearly 20% of the airlines’ fleet.

Baby Born On SWA Flight Reminds Us How Vital Crew Really Are

In my latest feature on Skift,‘Why Disrespecting Flight Attendants Is Totally Nuts’, I shared insights from seasoned flight attendants on the long-standing misconceptions of their roles and duties onboard, with an emphasis on the vital role that airline crew play […]

How Southwest Airlines Works to Take Its Passengers to Even Better Destinations

Airlines serve many destinations, but Southwest Airlines is working to make sure the destinations it serves are better places for their passengers to visit.   Working with Project for Public Spaces(PPS), the airline has already helped improve a number of […]

Are Cleveland Browns Fans Guilty of Seat Snobbery?

Fans of the Cleveland Browns are in a lather over their rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel getting “stuck” in the middle seat on a recent flight on Southwest Airlines. “Not only was Johnny Football in coach,” wrote Sam Galanis in his article about […]

Forget #PaxEx: Here’s What the Market Wants from Airlines

We often discuss why airlines make perplexing decisions in favour of unbundled fares and aircraft configurations.  The Peanuts posts are entirely dedicated to the topic of the airlines’ quest for profitability is a sin and the various airlines’ decisions on how to […]

They’re baaa-aaack! As the Forward/Aft Facing Triple Seats Come Back to Haunt Us We Ask: Good Heavens Why?

Retro can be chic.  Far be it from this writer to claim otherwise. But Zodiac Aerospace premiering a Forward/Aft Facing Triple Seat Pair as one of their “revolutionary” designs at the Aircraft Interiors Expo this year, feels like the Haunting. […]

Profits Ain’t Peanuts (Part Three: Take a Byte)

In this third instalment of Profits Ain’t Peanuts we discuss the use of PEDs on board aircraft, inflight connectivity services, and IFE. In today’s world data is vital and content is king.  Communications have changed significantly over the past decade with […]