2b Or Not 2B: easyJet Shares Cool #PaxEx Stats

Leading European Low-Cost Carrier easyJet has just released a series of interesting factoids on the travel preferences of their customers which I found interesting enough to share here. It makes me wonder how many of these facts also apply to […]

They’re baaa-aaack! As the Forward/Aft Facing Triple Seats Come Back to Haunt Us We Ask: Good Heavens Why?

Retro can be chic. ¬†Far be it from this writer to claim otherwise. But Zodiac Aerospace premiering a Forward/Aft Facing Triple Seat Pair as one of their “revolutionary” designs at the Aircraft Interiors Expo this year, feels like the Haunting. […]

Have five minutes for some time travel?

The Good Old Days? Lufthansa Inflight Service in the 1950’s, via Aircraft Interiors International‘s YouTube Channel. Far be it from me to knock a good thing, but this video of 1950’s service on a Lufthansa flight doesn’t fill me with […]

What matters most to you in the aircraft cabin?

I was going to write an insightful post about what elements of the aircraft cabin interior we should focus on to improve the overall passenger experience, but I realised that I am not qualified to do so. I am only […]