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sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)

Icon of a commercial airplane with the words 'zero emissions' and a lush forest in the background.

Topsoe Tech Enables Preem Sustainable Aviation Fuel Plant In Sweden

Topsoe Steps Up as Key Technology Provider for Preem’s Groundbreaking Renewable Fuels Plant in Sweden Topsoe, a leader in catalyst and technology solutions for the green energy transition, has entered into a pivotal agreement with Preem to extend its HydroFlex™ technology for producing renewable fuels, including sustainable aviation fuel, at… 

British Airways Partners SAF Project Gets £9m UK Gov’t Funding

  • 8 min read

Project Speedbird, a partnership between Nova Pangaea Technologies (NPT), LanzaJet, and British Airways (BA), has received £9 million in funding from the UK Government’s Advanced Fuels Fund (AFF) competition. This funding will support Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production. Critically, it will position the UK as a global leader in SAF,… 

SAS, Copenhagen Airport Trial Proves SAF Improves Air Quality

  • 5 min read

Copenhagen Airport and SAS have experimented to determine the measurable benefits of biofuels in aviation. The findings show air quality improves when flying on bio-based fuel, also known as SAF, Sustainable Aviation Fuel. The number of ultrafine particles emitted decreases when biofuel is in the tank. There is no doubt… 

Commercial aircraft wing with zero emissions and CO2 Reduction Icon .

The Adoption of the ReFuelEU Regulation Paves the Way for Sustainable Flight

  • 3 min read

The adoption of European legislation on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), dubbed the ReFuelEU Aviation Regulation, marks a defining moment in the European aviation industry’s journey towards sustainability. Here’s how this legislation is set to change the future of flying.

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