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Transavia Receives First A320neo

French low-cost airline Transavia France, a subsidiary of the Air France-KLM Group, has received its inaugural A320neo. This aircraft is leased from Avolon and was delivered at the Airbus manufacturing site in Toulouse. In a commitment to sustainable aviation, the airline opted for a delivery flight to Paris-Orly powered by… 

What in the oneworld? Qantas announces frequent flyer partnership with Air France-KLM

  • 4 min read

Oneworld alliance founding member Qantas has announced a frequent flyer partnership with SkyTeam alliance founding member Air France-KLM. Both Qantas and KLM are celebrating their centenaries this year, so maybe they’ve evolved past little things like alliances. How the new Qantas/Air France-KLM frequent flyer partnership works Frequent Flyers can now… 

Delta and Transavia Forge New Codeshare Partnership

  • 2 min read

Delta Airlines and Air France/KLM’s low-fares airline brand Transavia have forged a new codeshare partnership which expands the destinations available to U.S. travellers visiting Europe.

Pending government approval, Delta customers flying on any of Delta’s 19 peak-day to Amsterdam can connect with Transavia to ten destinations, under a Delta booking number.

Transavia Announces Orders For Up to 20 Boeing NextGen 737-800s

  • 2 min read

European Low-Cost Carrier, Transavia Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Air France/KLM Group, has announced an order for 17 Next-Generation 737-800s including options for three additional aircraft. Boeing values the order at $1.6 billion at current list prices and was previously booked and attributed to an unidentified customer on… 

New Year, New Story, New Livery: Transavia Rebrands

  • 4 min read

Transavia, the charming Dutch low-cost leisure carrier which has been the bone of so much contention between parent company Air France/KLM and its pilots unions, has announced that it will get a full-makeover.
Under the banner: New year, New story, New Transavia, the company introduced new iconography with cooler tones, flat symbols and a transformed “T” which cleverly brings two map points together with kissing arrowheads. 
[caption id="attachment_29567" align="alignnone" width="474"] New year, New story, New Transavia banner/Transavia[/caption]
Studio Dumbar, Rotterdam, which collaborates with Dutch digital agency Mirabeau, describes the new branding as “an integrated process combining company strategy, e-commerce and brand design.”
The studio states that Transavia’s ambition is “to become Europe’s leading airline in hospitality and service. The key objectives: add new routes, appear to business passengers as well as leisure, and create a dominant online brand.”
Click on squares to view gallery in its full glory.

Transavia identity/Studio Dumbar, Rotterdam

Transavia identity/Studio Dumbar, Rotterdam

Transavia identity/Studio Dumbar, Rotterdam

Transavia identity/Studio Dumbar, Rotterdam

New Transavia Livery Undercarriage/Studio Dumbar, Rotterdam

New Transavia Livery/Studio Dumbar, Rotterdam


We began by developing Transavia’s new positioning. The two most important results: changing the name from to Transavia (.com is too passé), and defining “It’s a pleasure” as the leading principle for the company. The design is playful, accessible and flexible. A special feature is the application of icons to the underbelly of Transavia’s planes, with a different combination of icons for each plane in the fleet. Another symbolic livery feature appears next to the entrance, where the word ‘Welcome’ is written in all the languages of the countries served by Transavia. The identity continues to roll out across uniforms, catering trolleys, in-flight amenities and more, with a new website – developed by Mirabeau – to follow soon.–Studio Dumbar

Transavia also indicates that the newly refreshed Transavia website will be mobile friendly and that a BYO-IFE system–consisting of in-flight entertainment streamed to passengers’ devices via an app–will be installed on its aircraft. 
I don’t know about you, but I like this new refreshing Transavia iconography. The livery is an attractive clean design which still effectively communicates LCC. Notice the nod to SWA’s heart in the undercarriage. This is a bit more and a bit less at the same time.
There is the open question of what will happen to AirFrance/KLM hospitality and service, if Transavia succeeds in becoming Europe’s leading airline in hospitality and service, as it aims. It’s an admirable aim, regardless. The two iconic airline brands of the Air France/KLM parent company both succeed in giving passengers a good onboard product and service at a competitive price. Where is the line drawn between LCC and Low-Cost Legacy? We will find the answer, in the long-haul.
The appeal to business passengers is uniform among European LCCs (and elsewhere). Those readers who followed the early Peanut Wars posts here on Flight Chic, will remember that this has been foretold. Let’s hope this rebranding initiative also results in a revitalisation of the LCC and its parent company.

As the Air France Pilot Strike Ends, There’s Nothing to Count but the Losses

  • 8 min read

The longest strike in the history of Air France has finally come to an end, with the pilot’s union SNPL, sending out a quick notice to members that they should return to work, after verifying their flights, with no additional information on gains, and a promise of further information to follow.… 

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