EveryMundo Announces New Hires, Global Services Expansion

EveryMundo, which provides performance marketing solutions for the global airline industry, has appointed two new business directors to extend its global services.

You Can Now Earn a Scholarship to Travel So You Can Catch All the Pokémon.

In a publicity stunt that proves Sweden totally owns its Silicon Valley of the Nordics status, IT company, Consid, is offering people a stipend to travel the world hunting Pokémon and catch ‘em all.

The firm explains its decision to create the world’s first (perhaps only) Pokemon GO Scholarship to the huge popularity of Niantic’s and Ninetendo’s gift to summer. 

Long-Haul Luxury or Supersonic Thrill: Which Would You Choose?

Airlines launch new long-haul routes and set new records, on the same week that NASA announces new low-boom Supersonic aircraft project.

So which way are we headed around the world? The long and winding road, or fast as the meteor flies?

Self-Service Technology is the Future of Air Travel in Brazil

Passengers in Brazil are embracing self-service check-in technology using their smart-phones, personal computers and airport kiosks, SITA reports.

As Temperatures Drop in Europe, Miami International Airport Offers Warm Escapes

Miami International Airport (MIA) has announced its new and expanded service offerings to and from key European destinations for the Winter of 2015.

The Big Bag Theory

I spent a bit of time this month writing about IATA’s proposed ‘Cabin OK’ program: introducing it, clearing up misconceptions, and, finally, reporting on its demise, er, “pause.” This is one of two posts today, which review the Cabin OK aftermath. I promise to let the matter drop after that.

Love and Strife: Key Aviation Stories You Might Have Missed in February

Due to my few posts last month, readers might assume that I took the month of February off to celebrate the birthday of the 747, which just happens to coincide with my own. I did. There was chocolate cake. But […]

Yo #Foodies! YO! Sushi Arrives at Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport has announced that Denmark’s first YO! Sushi restaurant is now open at the terminal.

New Finnair Connection: From Helsinki to Hermitage..And Back Again to the World

Finnair and Finnish railway operator VR have come together to offer combined air-and-rail tickets between Saint Petersburg and your choice of International destinations, connecting through Helsinki Airport. These air-to-rail tickets will allow Finnair passengers to enjoy a range of travel experiences, […]