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Trip Report

SAS Proves Its Value When Things Go Wrong

  • 9 min read

It was a travel week for me, attending the World Low Cost Airlines Congress in London. While the event was great–and I learned loads–getting there and back was a trial which involved long delays and lost luggage.

But SAS’s various automation features made the tricky bits easier to manage. Here’s my harried trip report, which highlights the best of SAS’ seamless travel features.

The KLM Trip Report March 2014

  • 9 min read

Last week, travelling to the Passenger Terminal Expo in Barcelona, I flew KLM.  The great bit is that I did not fly alone.  While I’m a short 5’ 1” (and a bit “zaftig” as some might say), my husband is a tall 6’4” of average build.  Together, we make quite an… 

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