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Was United’s Leggings Decision Sexist?

The decision by a United gate agent to require bar two young women from a flight because they were wearing leggings has raised a significant uproar on social media this Sunday. Some accuse United of having out-of-date, sexist rules and …

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Why Ensuring You Can’t Get In the Polaris Lounge Is the Smartest Brand Move United Made

They say there’s no better position to be in than competing against yourself. Looking inward to what one can do better is far more effective than trying to out-do whatever others have done.

It sets an individual or organisation free to become their best possible self—with no pre-conceived end, no parallel goal-post, no “good enough,” only excellence.

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Capital, Competition, and Technology are Focus of Fresh Leadership in United Board

Following the recent announcement that United Airlines President and CEO, Oscar Muñoz, will return to lead the company on March 14 after a period of convalescence from a heart transplant operation, the airline announces three new independent directors appointed to the United Board.

There selection reveals a focus by the airline on improving its access to and management of capital, strengthening its position among global carriers in the aviation political landscape, and developing an organisation at a the cutting edge of technology.

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United Airlines Has Two Firsts Today

United Airlines celebrated two firsts today as it took delivery of a 787-9 Dreamliner and will become the first North American airline to fly both the 787-9 and 787-9 variants of the Dreamliner when it launches service later this month. …