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Vintage Aviation

They’re baaa-aaack! As the Forward/Aft Facing Triple Seats Come Back to Haunt Us We Ask: Good Heavens Why?

  • 8 min read

Retro can be chic.  Far be it from this writer to claim otherwise. But Zodiac Aerospace premiering a Forward/Aft Facing Triple Seat Pair as one of their “revolutionary” designs at the Aircraft Interiors Expo this year, feels like the Haunting. The (in)famous “Lounge Seating,” was a Southwest Airlines feature for… 

Ready for takeoff…

  • 3 min read

Well, after a nice sabbatical working only on my creative fiction, I’m back to writing about aviation.  It’s hard to stay away, after spending decades in the industry.  Aviation gets in your blood.  It wraps itself around your DNA.  It becomes you. Anything to do with flight, from the aesthetic… 

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