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Delta and Virgin Atlantic Move Even Closer at Heathrow

Delta and Virgin Atlantic have announced that they will fully co-locate at Heathrow Terminal 3, to offer seamless service to their mutual trans-Atlantic customers.

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Alitalia Reports Laser Strike on Pontiff’s Plane

Alitalia has issued a statement of an incident of laser interference with flight crew on the aircraft carrying Pope Francis during his mission to Mexico.

Crew on flight AZ4000 reported on Friday 12 February, that during the landing phase of flight at Mexico City Airport, they were flashed by a laser light pointed at the aircraft. The Airbus A330 was transporting the Pontiff Havana to Mexico City.

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Airlines: Don’t Hazard Brand Survival by Betting on Sow’s Ear Cabin Divides

There is an urgent need in the industry for airlines to reconsider their cabin strategy, beyond antiquated class divides and to offer a truly differentiated product, tailored to the needs of modern passengers, according to their traveler profile and preferred in-flight activities. This …

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Virgin America in Love

As the song goes, “It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, without a dope beat to step to.”  I mean that about the blog, of course, but it also applies to my topic. Over the past few …