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These 5 Airlines Had the Most Innovative Ancillary Strategies This Year, Says IdeaWorks

The consultancy recognises airlines which ”have shown the greatest prowess in ancillary revenue, a la carte pricing, and loyalty marketing” during 2016.

A Man, A Go Pro, An Epic Leap: Vueling Demonstrates App Reservation on the Fly

Spanish Low-Cost carrier and IAG group member airline, Vueling, has proven it has one of the most creative of creative teams in the industry–and a really fast booking engine on its app.

The airline challenged a daring, GoPro wearing, sky diver make a flight reservation on his smartphone without him (or the Vueling app) crashing–in 52 seconds.

Just watch this thing:

Vueling is running a promotion on its Facebook page. Commenters who share another unlikely circumstance where they can make a swift Vueling app reservation will be entered to win a flight–safely inside the aircraft, no parachute required.

Many thanks to Spanish aviation writer Va De Aviones for leading me to this jewel!

Featured image: Captured from Vueling YouTube