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WestJet launches Halifax-Manchester service

WestJet extends its transatlantic service with additional route connecting Eastern Canada to the United Kingdom.

WestJet Brings Us a Girl’s Best Friend–Furrier Than We Might Expect

Who says diamonds are the only thing which can make a girl happy? Certainly loyalty and sacrifice tops shiny rocks, as Dave the Dog proves in this latest WestJet ad by Publicis London.

Though poor Dave, a Brit, is very much in love with his Canadian girlfriend he’s not very good at fare searches and puts himself in the dog house, just to save on the ticket. Of course, joke’s on Dave: with the launch of WestJet’s low-fares service to Gatwick, he could easily have flown in the cabin instead of a cage.

This mockumentary is as charming as it is clever, and will appear in print ads as well. On social media, Dave’s misadventures are shared with the hashtag #DaveTheDog.