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Women in Aviation

Brussels Airlines Uplifts Women With 52% Of Jobs

  • 4 min read

Brussels Airlines celebrates International Women’s Day, highlighting that women comprise 52% of its workforce. Additionally, women hold 45% of top management roles and represent 67% of the airline’s Management Board members. How Brussels Airlines Prioritizes Gender Equality Brussels Airlines is committed to being a reliable and welcoming airline, with gender… 

Etihad Formally Joins IATA Gender Equality Initiative

  • 2 min read

Women are represented across the Etihad group’s seven business divisions including operations, cargo, and engineering, as well as specialised functions such as aviation law, medicine and finance.

A Pilot’s Life: Jules Hotel

  • 7 min read

Jules Hotel is a 27-year-old pilot, based in Hamburg, Germany. Spending time with her family and friends is of utmost importance to her. In her leisure time, she enjoys traveling and staying active by doing sports.

A Pilot’s Life: Lindy Kats

  • 7 min read

We celebrate Women’s Day by sharing the story of an inspiring woman pilot: Lindy Kats.

Will Hiring US Pilots Help Norwegian Leap Over Open Skies Hurdle? No. But This Might…

  • 7 min read

[UPDATED: formal statement from ALPA was added below, as well as a reply from the USDOT.] Norwegian Air Service is hiring American pilots to support its U.S. operations. But will this be the final detail the airline needs to overcome challenges to the launch of its Irish-based Norwegian Air International operations… 

Also, in the Skies: 33 Hot Aviation Happenings in Week 38

  • 3 min read

Aviation moves fast, and every week I find stories I would like to have written more about. To share these hot news items (and some news which simply caught my eye), I’m introducing ‘Also, in the Skies.’

Why Celebrating Amelia Earhart Sends the Wrong Message to the Women of Tomorrow

  • 4 min read

Today is Amelia Earhart’s birthday. She is remembered because she was lost.

I have a bone to pick with Amelia.

Not because she disappeared, but because while she was with us she gave the worst possible advice to a young girl thinking of a future career in aviation: “perfect yourself in secretarial work and obtain a position on the ‘fringes,’relying on your ability and desire in order to succeed.”

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