Recaro Promises Cleaner Airplane Cabins

You can now (sort of) relax over gross stories of airplane seat tray tables, and stop worrying (somewhat) about how many unwashed hands have touched that seat armrest you’re sharing on your flight.

Airbus CEO Uses Toilet Humour To Deflect Question on Supplier Issues. It Almost Works.

During Airbus Innovation Days in Hamburg last week, I asked Airbus CEO Fabrice Brégier what is—for anyone in the aircraft manufacturing business—a pertinent question right now: does Airbus take any responsibility for causing supplier failures as a result of a strong push for the SFE catalogue?

Zodiac Sheds Good Light On Problematic Cabin Hygiene

Zodiac Aerospace has filed an ingenious patent for a comprehensive UV lighting system which would cleanse the whole of an aircraft cabin while the aircraft is unoccupied—between flights or on an overnight.

In the patent—one of AeroPatent’s recent discoveries—Zodiac proposes a number of UV lighting combinations which could do the work of thoroughly disinfecting the aircraft interior. The system described would effectively disinfect both the air in the cabin and cabin surfaces, textiles, etc.

User Friendly Guide to Buying/Selling Your Seat Manufacturing Company (not just Zodiac)

Rumours that Zodiac Aerospace may be looking for a buyer and that French aircraft engine maker Safran may be considering a buy is distressing to this writer.

It’s the type of roughs-shot opportunistic consolidation aviation is addicted to–and it needs to break the habit. Please allow me to share my thoughts and rant a little.

I’m going to mention things I don’t usually talk about, but in the interest of edification I’ll go into them now; with the clear caveat that none of what I say is particularly true of Zodiac, and anything that is true of Zodiac is also true of other players. I won’t say which is which.

50,000 Galleys Later, this is How Lovely (Some) Cabins Have Become

Zodiac Aerospace is celebrating the delivery of its 50,000th aircraft galley, a unit shipped to Etihad Airways for its new Reimagined A380 cabin, that embodies everything going right with cabin design in recent years.

After Blast at Zodiac Aerospace Plant In Washington, Our Thoughts are With Colleagues

Reports are that a build up of gasses from the chemicals used to treat the materials used in the composites accumulated in a treater, and built up the pressure which led a blast strong enough to do permanent damage to the building and injure five employees present at the time.

Sleepers In Seattle: Zodiac Introduces High-Density Comfort to Business

Zodiac Seats has introduced of a new generation of seats for the premium economy class, which looks a lot like a one of the old Lazy-Boy-inspired First and Business Class aircraft seats, but which will prove a boon to cabin-footprint-conscious airlines. […]

Airbus & Zodiac New Space-Flex v2 Cabin Leaves Room to Accommodate Reduced Mobility Passengers

The new Space-Flex v2 cabin which is a collaborative development between Airbus and Zodiac Aerospace will include a second option of the integrated “Space-Flex” PRM (Persons with Reduced Mobility) lavatory and galley module.

They’re baaa-aaack! As the Forward/Aft Facing Triple Seats Come Back to Haunt Us We Ask: Good Heavens Why?

Retro can be chic.  Far be it from this writer to claim otherwise. But Zodiac Aerospace premiering a Forward/Aft Facing Triple Seat Pair as one of their “revolutionary” designs at the Aircraft Interiors Expo this year, feels like the Haunting. […]