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Passengers Angry About United Mistake Fares In Denmark Were *Really* Angry, USDOT Reports

The mistake involved an error in currency conversion which only occurred on United Airlines’ localised Denmark website, and erroneously converted Danish Kroner to Dollars resulting in First class fares from the EU to the U.S. for an unbelievably low fare of $51.

Ryanair’s Escalating Battle with Danish Labor Unions Spreads to the Airport LEGO Built

Ryanair’s battle against Danish labor unions continues to escalate as unions threaten to blockade its flights, despite Ryanair’s decision to close its base in Copenhagen and move the one aircraft based there to Kauna in Lithuania.

The dispute, which Ryanair characterises as “blackmail” has now spread to LEGO’s home airport of Billund–the largest airport in the Danish peninsula of Jutland, Denmark’s second largest airport, and the 10th largest airport in the Nordic region.