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Ryanair Will Appeal “Bizarre” Ruling in Danish Court

  • 2 min read

Ryanair suffered a setback in its battle with Danish labor unions fighting to impose rights for Ryanair employees to organise for collective bargaining under Danish law on the Dublin-based airline.

Ryanair had argued that, because it is not a Danish carrier, its labor policies did not fall under Danish jurisdiction.

The airline issued a statement saying it had “instructed its lawyers to appeal the bizarre Danish Labor Court [ruling]”, and expressed concern that the courts decision might allow unions of its competitor (SAS) to blockade its one aircraft flying out of Copenhagen.

Ryanair Thanks the Mayor of Copenhagen for His Official Ban

  • 3 min read

After facing accusations of “social dumping” from the Lord Major of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, Ryanair launched a “Thanks Frank!” promotion on four of its Copenhagen routes to Dublin, London, Milan, Warsaw.

Boeing to Assist Sky-Watch In Developing New Danish Smart Drone

  • 3 min read

Boeing has announced that it will partner with Danish company Sky-Watch to develop a new type of “smart” Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), in a project supported by the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation.

UP’s Safety Video Proves they are Totally Ready for Eurovision 2014. Denmark says: Cool. Bring it On.

  • 2 min read

First, my deepest thanks to Nikos Loukas of Inflightfeed for sharing this link via his Rebel Mouse Newsfeed, which is always fresh and tasty.  Nikos you have totally made my Friday! This latest Safety Video, from EL AL’s Low-Cost Carrier UP, is now a candidate for the 2014 Cassies (Flight… 

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