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#Tokyo Tokyo BASE Opens at Haneda Airport: Japan’s Gateway to the Sky

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The Tokyo Metropolitan Government unveiled its new Tokyo Brand PR shop, “#Tokyo Tokyo BASE,” offering a selection of souvenirs and Japanese cultural experiences. Conveniently located in Terminal 3 of Haneda International Airport—Tokyo and Japan’s primary gateway to the world—this shop aims to introduce visitors to the mesmerizing blend of Tokyo’s age-old traditions and avant-garde culture.

New Tokyo Tokyo BASE at Haneda Airport Terminal 3

What Awaits You at “#Tokyo Tokyo BASE” in Haneda Airport?

Drawing its inspiration from the harmonious coexistence of Tokyo’s traditions and cutting-edge culture since the Edo period, this innovative space offers a unique shopping experience. Collaborating with private businesses, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will offer “Tokyo Omiyage (Tokyo Souvenirs).”

Travelers will find many authentic Japanese items, from traditional handicrafts to stationery and delectable food items.

Visitors can also immerse themselves in interactive Japanese cultural experiences and workshops, gaining a deeper appreciation for Tokyo’s rich history and vibrant present.

Special Guests Light Up the Opening Ceremony at Haneda Airports new #Tokyo Tokyo BASE shop in Terminal 3

Tokyo Tokyo BASE opening ceremony at Haneda Airport.

The grand opening became even more memorable with the appearance of global icon Hello Kitty and cosplayer Hakken, a Tokyo Tourism Ambassador. Their presence added vibrancy to the event as they engaged with the audience and participated in various store activities.

Hakken commented on the store opening, saying, “I am looking forward to what sort of things will be offered.” During his visit to the store, Hakken tried the omikuji (fortune-telling strips). He found the cypress fan recommended by the omikuji had “a relaxing scent.”

The Deputy Director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, Akiko Matsumoto, beautifully summed up the essence of this venture in her speech: “With this store, I want you to experience the diverse charms of Tokyo.”

Store Details:

Tokyo BASE storefront at Haneda Airport
  • Location: Haneda Airport Terminal 3, 4th floor, EDO MARKET PLACE (2-6-5, Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo)
  • Business Hours: 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Key Highlights:
    • Sales of unique “Tokyo Omiyage (Tokyo Souvenirs).”
    • Engaging in Japanese cultural experiences and workshops.
    • Signage and PR corners showcasing the current essence of Tokyo.
Daruma (Happy Daruma) is one of the unique souvenir items available at the new #Tokyo Tokyo BASE in Haneda Airport.
Daruma (Happy Daruma) is one of the unique souvenir items available at the new #Tokyo Tokyo BASE in Haneda Airport. Daruma is a kind of good-luck charm that fulfills people’s wishes. It is said to have appeared in the Edo period (1603-1868). The eyes are left intentionally blank white. People paint one or both eyes while making a wish or setting a specific goal. With a weight at the bottom, even if the daruma falls over, bounces right back up. This reflects its never-give-up attitude. (Not all darumas on sale at the shop have this weight.) While the daruma eyebrows and mustaches are normally painted black, the Happy Daruma—for success and victory wishes—is a special one painted gold. All darumas are handmade so there are no two alike. Each modern daruma has a unique personality.

Planning a trip or transiting through Haneda? Make sure to drop by and experience Tokyo like never before!

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