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Emirates Expands Wide-Body Fleet with $52b Order at Dubai Airshow

  • 5 min read

Emirates placed a US$ 52 billion wide-body aircraft order at Dubai Airshow 2023. Emirates kicked off the Dubai Airshow 2023 with a substantial order for 95 additional Boeing wide-body aircraft. The order brings their total order book to 295 planes. As the world’s largest operator of wide-body passenger aircraft, Emirates… 

ITA Airways Takes Delivery of First Airbus A321neo in Hamburg

  • 3 min read

ITA Airways has recently acquired its first A321neo aircraft from Airbus’ Hamburg production facilities, leased through Air Lease Corporation. This new addition solidifies ITA Airways’ commitment to an all-Airbus fleet strategy, comprising 81 aircraft, including A220, A320neo, A330neo, and A350 models. Inside the ITA Airways A320neo Designed for medium-haul routes,… 

Alaska Airlines Debuts ‘Mickey’s Toontown Express’ Plane

  • 6 min read

Alaska Airlines debuts a new ‘Mickey’s Toontown ’-themed airplane featuring Mickey Mouse and his pals at Disneyland Resort. Alaska Airlines has introduced a new aircraft with a magical touch from Mickey Mouse himself. The specially themed plane, named “Mickey’s Toontown Express,” was unveiled at a gate ceremony in Seattle and will… 

How Israel’s Airlines Put Anti-Missile Systems On Planes

  • 2 min read

Some commercial airlines have equipped their planes with anti-missile systems to protect against attacks from the ground. In one of FlightChic’s recent articles on, we look into the history of this development and the technology that backs commercial aircraft defense. The recent conflict in Israel raises security concerns, disrupting… 

Airbus’ New Transatlantic Fleet of Ships Will Cut CO2 by 50%

  • 4 min read

Airbus plans to replace its current transatlantic fleet with newer, more environmentally friendly ships. These ships will generate 50% less CO2 emissions by 2030 compared to the emissions in 2023. Airbus will replace the fleet of chartered vessels used to transport aircraft subassemblies between European and United States production facilities… 

Historic Planes: A Closer Look at 90 Years of Air France Aircraft

  • 9 min read

Throughout its 90-year history, Air France has remained at the forefront of aviation innovation by investing in a diverse and modern fleet. Over the years, the airline has constantly upgraded its aircraft to ensure the highest standards of travel experience. Let’s have a look at Air France’s classic planes. 1930s:… 

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