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Big Data

PAS17: The Revolution Will Be Data-Driven, Airbus Looks Skywise

  • 6 min read

Starting day two of the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget, Airbus reveals what it describes as the next revolution in the aerospace industry: data. Today, Airbus becomes Apple for planes through a partnership with Palantir, with Japanese low-cost airlines Peach and Air Asia sharing their experiences as early adopter customers of… 

Emirates and Oxford University Found Collaborative Data Lab to Improve Passenger Experience

  • 2 min read

Oxford University and Emirates have collaborated to found a new Data Science Lab in which will have experts from around the University use cutting-edge analysis to help the airline better manage Big Data and enhance services to airline passengers.

The new Lab will bring together researchers from at least five departments within the University, including the Mathematical Institute, the Oxford Internet Institute and the Departments of Engineering Science, Computer Science and Statistics.

Aeroflot Selects IBM for Predictive Travel Personalisation

  • 3 min read

Aeroflot has selected IBM Analytics to deploy a new predictive travel personalisation system which will help it provide improved service to customers point-to-point.

Personalisation of the travel experience is a prevailing trend among airlines which want to improve the travel experience for their customers through various digital touch-points from the reservations process through to future trip promotions.

JetBlue VC Backs Predictive Analytics Firm FLYR

  • 2 min read

JetBlue’s new Venture Capital firm JetBlue Technology Ventures has made its first pick of startups by backing FLYR, which uses machine learning and predictive analytics to predict airfares trends and air travel demand.

The start-up founded in 2013, helps flyers work around complex airline dynamic airfares models plotting possible changes in airfare and helping airlines predict customer demand and missed revenue streams.

Boeing Brings Cyber Analytics Center to Singapore

  • 2 min read

Boeing will open its first Cyber Analytics Centre outside the US in Singapore, bringing advanced cybersecurity capabilities and services to its customers in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Heartbleed bug: what could Aviation teach Tech and what could Tech teach Aviation?

  • 6 min read

Image: Heartbleed Patch Needed, Creative Commons, Public Domain First, some quick facts about Heartbleed:  Heartbleed is not a malicious attack.  It is a design flaw (a bug) which has left the security codes which protect some of our online transactions vulnerable to exploitation since 2011. That bug is a security… 

Big Brother will travel with you and you will pay his ticket

  • 9 min read

One of the prevailing themes at this year’s Passenger Terminal Expo in Barcelona was the future of automated terminal processes through high-grade hardware and advanced software solutions; straight out of the eerily accurate visions of Phillip K. Dick. In truth, the selling points for these innovations as PaxEx enhancements are strong.… 

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