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Technically Speaking

Hawaiian Airlines Launches High-Speed Starlink Internet on Flights to Hawaii

  • 3 min read

Hawaiian Airlines makes history as the first major airline to offer passengers high-speed internet from Starlink on its flights. This state-of-the-art connectivity is now available on certain routes flying between the U.S. Mainland and Hawaii, making staying online in the sky as easy as connecting at home. Instant Internet as… 

KLM Harnesses Artificial Intelligence to Slash Food Waste on Flights

  • 3 min read

KLM is making significant strides in sustainability by cutting down food waste on its flights. Thanks to innovative artificial intelligence programs, the airline can now accurately predict the number of passengers who will actually board. This breakthrough means KLM can prepare the exact number of meals necessary, leading to a… 

Emirates Delivers 99.9% of Baggage During Busiest Winter

  • 3 min read

How Emirates Leads in Baggage Handling – An Insight for Travelers Emirates, known for its global connectivity, has had a significant winter from September 2023 through January 2024 regarding baggage handling. During this bustling season, they skillfully handled an average of 2.7 million bags each month, ensuring safe transit of… 

Eve Air Mobility Picks Thales Anemobarometric System for eVTOL

  • 2 min read

Elevating Urban Air Mobility: Thales’ Anemobarometric System Enhances Eve Air Mobility’s eVTOL Safety Eve Air Mobility is partnering with Thales to advance eVTOL safety. The OEM has selected the Thales anemobarometric system for its cutting-edge electric Vertical Take-off and Landing aircraft. With over two decades of experience and millions of… 

Lufthansa Group Airlines Roll-Out Viasat’s EAN In-Flight Wi-Fi

  • 3 min read

Wi-Fi Coming to Lufthansa Group’s Short and Medium-Haul Flights Passengers flying with airlines within the Lufthansa Group – Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, and now SWISS – can look forward to having high-speed in-flight Wi-Fi connections on European flights. Eco-Friendly and Efficient: EAN Technology on Board The Lufthansa Group airlines will equip… 

How To Use Schiphol’s New Apple Watch App To Save Time Flying

As of this week, Apple Watch users can download Schiphol Airport‘s newly created app. This innovative application lets travelers conveniently access real-time flight information directly from their wristwatch. This includes essential details such as departure and arrival times, gate and departure hall locations, and the current status of their flight.… 

Aeroporti di Roma Joins Assaia’s Strategic Partner Community

  • 4 min read

Aeroporti di Roma, the operator of Rome’s airports, has joined Assaia’s Strategic Partner Community (SPC) through its corporate venture capital arm, ADR Ventures, becoming the first continental European member of the SPC. Assaia was among ten startups selected for ADR’s inaugural “Runway to the Future” accelerator program, where their solution… 

Air Serbia Trials Bluebox’s Blueview Digital Passenger Services

  • 5 min read

Air Serbia will deploy the Blueview digital services platform as proof of concept to determine customer demand. Air Serbia has selected Bluebox Aviation Systems Ltd. (Bluebox) to trial Bluebox’s Blueview digital passenger services platform. It is hosted on the Bluebox Wow portable wireless system in its battery-operated format. Air Serbia… 

Brussels Airlines zeroG Hackathon Unlocks Power of AI

  • 3 min read

ZeroG and Brussels Airlines organized a hackathon in Brussels called “Unlock the Power of Data.” The event aimed to explore the vast potential of data and artificial intelligence (AI) in the aviation industry. With nearly 100 participants, the hackathon provided hands-on experience using actual data from Brussels Airlines. Its goal… 

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