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Airbus Chairman Hints at New Single Aisle Plane, But What Size?

    While greeting press gathered for Airbus Innovation Days in Hamburg, Klaus Richter, Chief Procurement Officer, Airbus and Chairman of the Board for Airbus Germany, caught our attention when highlighting the importance of Hamburg in the group’s plans by saying, “If there’s a new plane it will be a single aisle plane.”

    Richter mentioned Hamburg’s growing development capabilities in fields of research into new materials, through the ZAL Technical Centre, and also significant in-house capabilities including for full-sized aircraft simulations. As he said, all in the interest of “shooting for a single aisle development that needs to enter the market.”

    SITA Passenger Survey, man using smartphone on Airplane. Source: SITA, Getty Images.

    What Kind of Traveller Are You Really? Take the SITA Quiz

    Travellers don’t like dealing with people. That’s the conclusion of SITA’s latest Passenger Survey revealed during the Air Transport IT Summit this year.

    Instead, most travellers are happiest using technology, but how passengers respond to the various self-service travel services available depends on the individual passenger type. SITA has put its Passenger Quiz on-line. Take it and find out what category you fall under.

    Fly Home to Vote "Remain" promotion. Source: Ryanair, Facebook

    Ryanair Warns Of ‘Brexit’ Impact to UK, Reports Strong Traffic and Profits

    Ryanair warns a ‘Brexit’ could hurt the UK Economy, in its annual report published today which shows growth in traffic and passenger numbers.

    Ryanair reported a rise in full year profit of 43% to €1,242M.

    Traffic grew by 18% to 106 million passengers, and the airline’s load factor rose by 5% points to 93%.

    The airline’s average fare dropped 1% to €46, and unit costs fell 6% (ex-fuel down 2%)

    Ryanair reports it is 44% hedged for FY18 and that hedging will deliver fuel savings of circa €200m (as price savings are offset by increased flight hours).

    “We plan to pass on most if not all of these fuel savings to our customers in lower air fares particularly as we grow capacity over the next 12 months in key markets around Europe,” Ryanair states.

    View of Geneva Airport from IATA Headquarters, © FCMedia 2015

    Airline Sustainability Parity Debated in Montreal

      Speaking at the ATAG (Air Transport Action Group) Global Sustainable Aviation Forum in Montreal, IATA’s Director General and CEO, Tony Tyler, addressed the tricky question of whether it is fair to impose a single global standard on smaller aviation markets as the industry works towards a reduced carbon footprint.

      Etihad Airways Makes Critical Appointment of New GM for China

      Etihad Airways announced the critical appointment of Mr. Peter Li as the airline’s new General Manager for China.

      Mr Peter LiMr. Peter Li will lead the development of the airlines’ commercial strategy in China, and be responsible to strengthen Etihad Airways’ partnerships within the travel trade and with corporate customers.

      The 3 Best Aircraft Interiors Stories of 2015

        As we come closer to the beginning of a brand new year, I want to take a moment to thank all of you for stopping by FlightChic for a unique perspective on the skies.

        I thought I’d share three of the aircraft interiors stories that interested you most here on FlightChic.

        For Second Year, Airlines Rate Copenhagen Airport as World’s Best for Route Development

        Airlines from around the world voted Copenhagen Airport was awarded the world’s best airport to acquire new air routes at the World Routes aviation conference in Durban, marking the second time in three years that Copenhagen Airport receives the world’s best airport for route development rating.

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        Get to Know the Author of Jetliner Cabins, Which Covers Aircraft Interiors from ‘A’ to ‘Suite’

        Jetliner Cabins e-Book App This is a must-read for industry professionals, industry watchers and anyone interested in the history of aircraft interiors, its evolution and its promise. It features insights from leading experts in the field and is chock-full of wonderful pictures. The eBook is available as both an iOS app and an Android App.

        A Class Above

        The best way to have perspective on the very subjective topic of aircraft interiors design is to read the only authoritative book written on the subject, which features facts on the developments in onboard products  from the 70s right up to today.

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