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U.S. Airlines Paid-Back Half their Fuel Savings to Employees and Nearly 40% to Passengers

The U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics has released its report on Q1 2016 Airline Financial Data, revealing that U.S. Scheduled Service Passenger Airlines have spent the equivalent of half their savings on fuel on labour costs and gave nearly 40% of the balance to passengers.

SITA Passenger Survey, man using smartphone on Airplane. Source: SITA, Getty Images.
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What Kind of Traveller Are You Really? Take the SITA Quiz

Travellers don’t like dealing with people. That’s the conclusion of SITA’s latest Passenger Survey revealed during the Air Transport IT Summit this year.

Instead, most travellers are happiest using technology, but how passengers respond to the various self-service travel services available depends on the individual passenger type. SITA has put its Passenger Quiz on-line. Take it and find out what category you fall under.

Alitalia Crew sporting new uniforms. Source: Alitalia
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Progress For Alitalia On Etihad Airways Turn-Around Road Map

“Few airlines have undergone such radical change as the new Alitalia and it is now reaping the benefits of a robust new strategy built around dynamic and effective partnerships. After some difficult and challenging years, Alitalia has a great story to tell. We promised to create a world-class airline,” said Alitalia Vice Chairman James Hogan. “We are delivering on that promise and Alitalia today is as good as any airline in Europe.”

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In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity Market Will Be Worth $9.82 Billion by 2024, Report

In a recently released report, San Francisco-based Grand View Research, Inc. projects the global In-Flight Entertainment And Connectivity (IFEC) market will reach USD 9.82 billion by 2024.

“The emergence of BYOD and development of novel wireless solutions are expected to boost market growth,” the research group states. “The increasing commercial aviation & fleet expansion have further bolstered industry growth. Growing availability of HD content across dynamic platforms are expected to increase IFEC systems’ demand.”