Huzzah! Finnair Brings Fazer Goodness to its Helsinki Lounges

Finnair has announced a very sweet partnership with fine Finnish food, café, bakery and confectionery brand Fazer.

If you’re not already familiar with Fazer you are truly missing out on delectable treats. Beyond the traditional Fazermint, the company produces a large mix of sweet and savoury snacks with a unique end of flavours, appealing to all.

The company follows the quality tradition of its founder Karl Fazer, who opened a refined French-Russian confectionary café in Helsinki in 1891.

Fazer will be providing the catering and customer services for all three Finnair lounges at Helsinki Airport starting on July 1.

Finnair Introduces Fazer café services at Helsinki Lounges Source: Finnair
Finnair Introduces Fazer café services at Helsinki Lounges Source: Finnair

The Finnair lounges at Helsinki Airport are open 18 hours a day, serving altogether 650,000 Finnair and oneworld customers every year.

“Our lounges at Helsinki Airport are an important part of our customer journey and the unique Nordic customer experience we want to offer,” says Sari Nevanlinna, Head of Ground Experience and Ancillary at Finnair.

“We look forward to continuing to develop our lounge concept together with Fazer – they have extensive experience in the café and catering business, and are a great match to our Nordic vision. In our Premium lounge we will, for example, have a Fazer chef preparing meals for customers from fresh seasonal ingredients in front of the customers”

Director Kristiina Ramirezfrom Fazer Food Services Finland’s operative organisation says: “Fazer is delighted to begin this partnership with Finnair. We share similar core values: commitment to quality and customer care, innovation, and pride in our Finnish heritage. This is what we at Fazer want to showcase in the Finnair lounges, alongside great gastronomic skill, understanding of well-being and experiences for all the senses”.

The Finnair lounges at Helsinki Airport showcase Finnish and Nordic design, and customers can rest and refresh themselves there before and between flights, and enjoy meals and drinks from the complimentary menu. The lounges are complimentary for Finnair’s business class customers, as well as for Finnair Plus Gold and Platinum customers and oneworld Emerald and Sapphire tier customers.

Marisa Garcia

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